Final Report of the Academic Unit Organization Committee

April 24, 2017

Members of the Rutgers Community:

I am pleased to share the final report of the universitywide Committee on Academic Unit Organization, a committee of faculty members from across Rutgers that was established following the release of the University Strategic Plan in 2014. I charged this committee to examine how best to organize our academic units, to recommend possible realignments to enhance collaborations, and to consider potential new schools that would align us more closely with other great public universities.

The final report is the end product of a tremendous amount of hard work, research, and careful thought and discussion about the University’s current academic structure and the opportunities we have for becoming an even stronger institution. I thank all the members of the committee, led by committee chair Linda Brzustowicz, for all their efforts in tackling a difficult task. 

The report makes proposals for new cross-campus academic entities, new methods of collaboration across units and campuses, changes in undergraduate education, a broadening and coordination of our outreach, and more. Some of the recommendations can be considered and pursued immediately, while the committee’s larger proposals will require broad discussion by the wider community in the coming year.

The 94-page report can be accessed here.  I encourage you to read it, and you are welcome to provide comments at I look forward to your feedback on this important document and the recommendations contained within it. 


Robert Barchi