Increasing Minimum Wage for Student Workers

December 11, 2017

Dear Students,

During my time at Rutgers, I have made student access and affordability a focal point for our university. Over the last several years, I am proud that we have been able to keep tuition increases at a minimum while simultaneously strengthening our academic profile.

Despite our efforts, more than 13,000 of you still must commit many hours each week to working on our campuses to defray the cost of your education. While holding an on-campus job can offer many benefits, we are cognizant of the delicate balance that you must strike between work and your studies.

As another form of financial assistance for students, I am pleased to announce today an increase the minimum wage for student workers employed by Rutgers on all campuses from $8.44 per hour to $11 per hour, effective on January 1, 2018. This represents a 30 percent increase over the current hourly minimum for the State of New Jersey. This increase will be applied to all our student workers, including students on Federal Work Study.

I have made it a goal to put as much of Rutgers’ revenues back into the academic mission as possible, and financial assistance in all forms for students is at the top of my list. Please know that we will always be seeking new ways to support you on your journey toward a Rutgers degree.

Finally, let me extend my best wishes for success on your exams and final projects, and for a happy holiday season with friends and family.


Robert Barchi