Looking at the Past Year at Rutgers

September 21, 2018

Members of the Rutgers Community:

This afternoon at the first University Senate meeting of the new academic year, I delivered my sixth annual report on the progress Rutgers is making in achieving the goals of our University Strategic Plan. 

Our strategic plan set forth the broad ambition of being recognized among the finest public universities in the nation. Thanks to the collective efforts of so many people at Rutgers, I find evidence in this report that we are making important and exciting progress toward that goal.

You can read my full report here.

In this annual presentation, I reviewed the major activities in which we have engaged over the past twelve months across the university, including progress in areas such as:

  • Supporting and enhancing the diversity of our faculty
  • Expanding our strong partnerships with the State of New Jersey
  • Designing spaces that support our academic mission
  • Improving the services we provide to students
  • Making it easier to do business with Rutgers
  • Creating a premier academic health system in the state

I am grateful to all the members of our scholarly community who have contributed to our successes over the past year, and I look forward to a productive year together.


Bob Barchi